bye bye winter! HELLO summer

Five days ago, Tage and I went to Myrkdalen to enjoy the last snow…. and we had a blast! But the end of the winter season it´s just a sign that there are good and different times coming up…

After a couple of hours playing in the slush we got in the car and met some friends in Aurlad that was paragliding and speedriding. Finally I got to try paragliding. Morten took me on a tandem flight…. when we landed I just wanted to go back up and fly again…-and again. It was such a beautiful sport, very different from the high speed I´m used to in basejumping. I have to admit that I really enjoyed having the time to relax and look at the surroundings with a low hart rate 😉


good times biiiig smiles



rad skiing 😉




Tage, Morten and JonOlav looking for the perfect take off


why does the instructor always force the tandem passenger use an ugly helmet!!?????


Morten is reading the “how to do a tandem flight” manual

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