not my proudest moment

So… the thing is. I have a lot of friends that are amazing skiers, and one of my biggest goals is to become a good skier myself.

In theory, I´m doing great, but in practice, it does not always work out the way I want it to. One week ago I really did my best to look like a pro..  Knees were bended, I was leaning forward and the speed was high! It actually felt very good for a few seconds…(and my friend TzAk even managed to get a nice photo)


A perfect day!!!
-and I´m ready to pretend I´m Pia Nic Gundersen, Tone Jersin Ansnes,
Ane Enderud, or Karina Hollekim…


feels gooooood 😀
2 seconds before I realize I´m out of control

-but somehow very suddenly my skis stopped and I flew trough the air. The next thing I remember was pain, a lot of pain… That did for sure NOT look COOL!


does not feel so good anymore

I was happy it happened in Norway and not in Antactica, -here we got a ski-patrol and I was stoked to get a ride with them down to see the doctor. The doctor told me I had a few fractures in my ribs, and that explains the pain.

Anyways… there is always a good time for a photo-session, so I want to share my not so proud moment with you  😀


hmm…. “guys, I need some help, it kinda hurts to move”


THANK YOU !!!! ski-patrol in Voss rocks 😀

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